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DS-ISMRM Jahrestagung 2023 in Berlin!

6-7 September an der PTB in Berlin

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Day 1: 6. September

8:00-8:4545 minRegistration  
Welcome and plenary talks    
08:45-9:0015 minWelcomeTobias SchäffterSebastian Schmitter
09:00-9:4545 minPlenary Talk: Developing Magnetic Resonance Imaging for meeting a Central Scientific Challenge of the 21st Century: Understanding Human Brain FunctionKamilUgurbil
Session 1: Ultrahigh field Moderators: Lena Gast, Sebastian Schmitter  
9:45-11:0075 min6 talks 10+2 min  
1 Design of a universal phase shim for prostate imaging at 7T NicoEgger
2 Reproducibility and variability of tailored and universal nonselective excitation pulses at 7T for human body imagingChristophAigner
3 Reducing the Peak RF Amplitude of 2D Selective RF Pulses in Hadamard-Encoded MeasurementsJonathanSchwardt
4 Deep learning-based B1+-mapping at 7T FelixKrüger
5 VAT: Harnessing Eddy Currents to Correct Distortions in EPI Yi-HangTung
6 In-vivo validation of 3D liver imaging at 7T using kT-point pTx pulses with a 32-Tx-channel whole-body RF antenna arrayJohannesGrimm
11:00 - 11:3030 mincoffee break  
Session 2: Machine Learning Moderators: Daniel Giese, Christoph Kolbitsch  
11:30-13:0090 min7 talks 10+2 min  
1 Deep Learning-Based Motion Quantification from k-space  for Fast Model-Based MRI Motion Correction JulianHossbach
2 MR-zero meets RARE MRI: Joint optimization of refocusing flip angles and neural networks to minimize T2-induced  blurring in spin echo sequences Hoai NamDang
3 Training a deep learning based segmentation network for I-125 brachytherapy seed detection in prostate cancer patients using synthetically generated multi echo MRI training dataLion HartmuthMücke
4 Towards Fully Automated Cardiac View Planning using AIYannikOtt
5 Deep learning for accurate estimation of contrast agent bolus arrival delays in DCE MRI of the liverEdengenet MashillaDejene
6 Virtual Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Image Prediction of Breast MRI using Deep Learning Architectures HannesSchreiter
7 Accelerating MR Myocardial Perfusion Maps Quantification Through Deep LearningSherineBrahma
13:15 - 14:1560 minLunch  
Gorter Session 1 Moderators: Daniel Giese, Susanne Schnell  
14:15 - 15:1590 min3 Talks 20 min + 10 min QA  
1 New methods of spin-lock based field imaging: towards direct detection and quantification of biomagnetic oscillations in the nT rangeMaximilianGram
2 Mapping intracellular pH of tumors in vivo using CEST-MRI: methodological development and preclinical investigationPhilipBoyd
3 The safety relevance of respiration-induced EM field variations in cardiac imaging at 7T and 10.5TNatalieSchön
15:15 - 15:4530 minCoffee break  
Gorter Session 2 Moderators: Daniel Giese, Susanne Schnell  
15:45 - 17: 0060 min2 Talks 20 min + 10min QA  
4 Profiling specific cell populations within the inflammatory tumor microenvironment using oscillating-gradient diffusion-weighted MRIEmilyHoffmann
5 Deep learning–based quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) in the presence of fat using synthetically generated multi-echo phase training dataJannisHanspach
Poster Session    
17:00 - 18:1575 min   
Plenary talk    
18:15 - 19:0045 min25 years DS-ISMRM: On Societies, Safety and Strong Magnetic Fields: the German Chapter and the Journey to 14TDavidNorris
19:00 - 21:00 BBQ PTB Terrasse  

Day 2: 7. September

Plenary talk    
9:00 - 9:4545 minPlenary Talk: MR Elastography: Lessons Learned in the Journey from Invention to Standard of CareRichardEhmann
Session 3: Flow Moderators: Susanne Schnell, Hannes Dillinger  
9:45-10:4560 min4 talks 10+2 min  
1 Magnetic Resonance Imaging and velocimetry of ethane for packed bed studies MariaAnikeeva
2 Accuracy of flow encoding gradients in 3D PC-UTE imagingKatjaDegenhardt
3 Influence of spoiling techniques on phase-contrast MRI background phase correctionCarolaFischer
4 Self-gated, breathing motion-corrected, Cartesian 4D FlowRobertStoll
10:45 - 11:1530 mincoffee break  
Session 4: Hardware Moderators: Lukas Winter, Berk Silemek  
10:45-12:0075 min5 talks 10+2 min  
1 Helmet RF coil concepts for Thermal MR of the Brain at 7TFaezehRahimi
2 Realistic 3D-printed vessel phantoms for investigating flow dynamics with MRI and MPITeresaReichl
3 An open-source and low-cost eight-channel transmit/receive 3T head coilChristophAigner
4 MR based magnetic susceptibility measurements of 3D printing materials at 3 TeslaMaitreyiSangal
5 Lightweight and portable human-sized Magnetic Particle Imaging scanner for radiation-free intervention in realtimePatrickVogel
Career Session Moderators: Sebastian Schmitter, Lena Gast  
12:00-13:0060 minCareer Paths after GraduationModerator:Sebastian Schmitter
1 Dr. Christian Geppert, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Head of cardiovascular MR predevelopment team  
2 Dr. Tobias Hahn, NVision Imaging Technologies GmbH, Senior Director, Head of Business Development and Strategy  
3 Dr. Suejen Perani, Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies, Head of Business Development EMEA & Asia  
4 Prof. Dr. Susanne Schnell, Professor, Chair of Medical Physics, University of Greifswald  
5 Prof. Dr. Tobias Schaefter, Professor at TU Berlin, Director of Medizinphysik und metrologische Informationstechnologie at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Berlin  
13:00 - 14:0060 minLunch  
14:00 - 14:4545 minPlenary: Quantitative MRI: A Fool's Errand, or a Recipe for Success?NicoleSeiberlich
Session 5: Imaging Techniques Moderators: Jürgen Finsterbusch, Ingolf Sack  
14:45 - 16:0075 min5 talks 10+2 min  
1 Multifrequency MR Elastography for Classifying Adrenal Masses in vivo by Increased StiffnessAlexandraWebster
2 Magnetic resonance elastography correlates with histology to quantify steatotic liver diseaseYasmineSafraou
3 A spiral trajectory for functional lung imaging at minimized echo timesAnneSlawig
4 Comparing different geometries for 3D radial super-resolution T1 MappingSimoneHufnagel
5 Measuring Dynamic Changes in Brain Tissue Viscoelasticity with Functional MREJakobSchattenfroh
16:00 - 16:3030 minCoffee break  
Business Meeting    
16:30 - 17:3060 min   
Awards and Farewell    
17:30 -18:0030 min   
18:30 - o.E. Biergarten Schleusenkrug